Halloween Reading List 2013

As I do every year at the beginning of fall, I have had my nose stuck in some pretty stellar pieces of “seasonal” literature.  If you are looking for something to get you in the spirit, or perhaps simply keep you up in to the witching hours on the edge of your seat, then you have come to the right place.

Flesh and Bone

The first book I plowed through this year was Flesh and Bone the third in Rot and Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry.  Mr. Maberry has been one of my favorite authors since I randomly picked up his novel Ghost Road Blues simply because the back cover mentioned Halloween. Since then this Bram Stoker award winning author has been one of my few “Go to” authors when I need something to read. The Rot and Ruin series was Maberry’s first leap into the world of Young Adult novels. He pulls back on the gore and brutality only to really amp up the gut wrenching emotion you feel during the course of the series. This is the apocalypse 15 years later, and the story is from the POV of kids that were babies when the whole thing began. They don’t know what cell phones are, they don’t know what the internet was. But what they do know is how important family becomes, and how strong the bond between friends really is.  If you are a fan of Young Adult reads like Harry Potter, Pitticus Lore Etc. These books will be right up your alley and promise to hit home with all the feels… so many feels.



The second piece of work I read this Autumn was… Autumn by David Moody. David Moody is a guy that has made quite a splash in the literary world as of late. Before he had any commercial success he simply GAVE HIS BOOKS AWAY FOR FREE. Eventually enough people were talking about him that the publishers took notice. Thank God they did because he really is an amazing talent. This was my first book by Moody and I can honestly say it will not be my last. Moody is playing on familiar territory with the whole zombie apocalypse trope (I mean see above geez), but a great author will always find a way to make a subject their own and thats exactly what Moody so capably achieves in Autumn. Like Maberry above Moody decided to cut back on the gore and violence, hell he even cut back on the zombies. This is not your usual run for your life, their gonna eat us affair. It seems like its going no where… just like the characters. Its a really slow burn but for some reason you can’t stop wondering whats going to happen. Maybe that was it. Maybe I read it so fast because I was just WAITING for shit to hit the fan… I mean it always does doesn’t it? Characters here are only as important as the OTHER characters let them be. Many remain nameless and you never find yourself wondering what another character may be doing until the characters in the book are wondering themselves. Moody does a wonderful job of directing your attention exactly where he wants it. Autumn feels very reminiscent of the original Night of the Living Dead in that the survivors aren’t really in any danger until they create that danger themselves.


145160 copyThe book I have most recently been reading (take this review as you will since I haven’t quite wrapped it up yet) is All Hallow’s Eve by Richard Laymon. So far the most fitting for Halloween as far as the backdrop goes. Laymon has always been my favorite author when it comes to setting a scene in his books. I find most of the things I read I am completely uninterested in the setting of the book. The background and feel of where our characters are is often simply mentioned to be mentioned and the actions they are taking could almost be happening anywhere and it wouldn’t make a difference. Laymon is different. In his novel Night in the Lonesome October (another awesome seasonal read) you are fed visually satisfying information about being on campus in autumn. He has a very sensory way of bringing the settings to life, for a horror writer this is a tool that can be used to great effect. All Hallow’s Eve is no different. Right from chapter one when an old lady goes out to call her cat who has wandered off in a graveyard… you really feel the darkness, the damp ground and crisp biting October air. And when the old lady hears a sudden sound Laymon writes it in a way you could swear you heard it too. I look forward to finishing this one very soon and if you are looking for something to remind you why we love to be scared pick this one up if you can find it.


Join me again soon where I will share my Halloween Horror Movie Pics for this year. Do you have a favorite Fall/Autumn Halloween book? Are you reading something awesome? Let me know below! I am always looking for more good books.


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